About Us

Established in 2000, TDX has grown to become a key partner to many organisations involved in the Thermoforming industry. Our ability to offer products and services to customers based on our experience, technical expertise and a thorough understanding of the Thermoforming process and market has led to sustained growth.

Our reputation for quality and technical excellence has resulted in TDX partnering with Thermoforming organisations in the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, India, the Middle East and North America.

At TDX we are aware of the changing market in which our customers operate. The commercial pressure placed on today’s Thermoforming companies has created the demand for products and services sourced externally where previously internal departments may have existed.

Our vision for TDX is to continue to develop an organisation focused on providing the most comprehensive range of outsourced services for companies involved in Thermoforming, including:

  • Innovative Conceptual and Product Design.
  • Rapid Prototype and Sampling.
  • Tooling Manufacture.
  • Thermoforming Film Supply.
  • Training.


TDX has been supplying a range of outsourced products and services to the Thermoforming industry since 2000. From the outset we have been committed to providing customers with products and services that add real value to their business. The value in our products and services comes from our deep understanding of the Thermoforming industry, our experience and technical knowledge and understanding of end use applications and processes. This core understanding of our customers business and process underpins all of our products and services.

Thermoforming Film

It is our vision to be the number one RPET film producer in the UK and to be ranked as our customers’ number one supplier in terms of Quality, Service, Flexibility, Technical Service and Legislative Compliance.

Design, Prototype Samples and Thermoforming Tools

It is our vision to be the number one supplier of product design, prototype/sampling and form, cut and stack Thermoforming tools in Europe. Our specific focus on Illig, Kiefel, TFT and Gabler form, cut and stack and GN tooling enables us to focus closely on Quality and Innovation in these defined markets.

Sustainable delivery of our vision can only be achieved through the excellent team we have at TDX. Our approach is to foster a culture that encourages and rewards our team to deliver excellence to our customers in all facets of our products and services.


  • Established December 1999 by Harry Reed and Neil Atkinson as a supplier of Thermoformed packaging design services, prototype samples and Thermoforming tools to the UK Thermoforming industry.
  • 2006 – Mark Prinn joins TDX as Sales and Marketing Director and equity partner.
  • In 2006 TDX embarked on a diversification strategy into the extruded RPET Thermoforming film market.
  • First extrusion line installed February 2007.
  • 2008 – Mark Prinn takes over as Managing Director. Harry Reed becomes Chairman of TDX which now encompasses two distinct divisions – Extrusion and Toolmaking.
  • 2009 – Development of strategic plan to expand extrusion division.
  • 2010 – Second RPET extrusion line installed adding a further 6000MT capacity.
  • 2012 – Second phase of 2009 strategic plan implemented with the installation of Starlinger Viscotec deCon 50 supercleaning technology and installation of a third RPET extrusion line (early 2013).
  • 2013 – Management Buy Out of founding shareholder Harry Reed, by Mark Prinn, Neil Atkinson and David Renton.
  • 2016 – Significant investment and expansion of D&D and Tooling Division culminating in the move to new premises in early 2017.
  • 2017 – Expansion of Extrusion Division and installation of a 4th PET extrusion line corresponding with launch of a range of new products into new markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

TDX adopts a sustainable approach to corporate social responsibility. Our CSR policy ensures that TDX acts sustainably in four key areas:


Dedicated environmental policy for each business division with a focus on 3 areas:

  • Energy Reduction.
  • Source Material Reduction.
  • Waste Reduction.
  • Committed to continuous energy reduction initiatives and investment in lowest energy plant and equipment.
  • Regular review and continuous reduction of emissions and waste reduction.
  • Commitment to increased use of post-consumer feedstock’s to minimise use of non-sustainable input materials.
  • Product research and development programme to evaluate alternative non-oil based bio-polymers.
  • Continuous development of closed loop recycling systems with customers to re-use pallets, wood chocks, post-industrial recyclate, core bungs etc.
  • Minimise storage and distribution impact on the environment by optimising logistics and distribution practices.



  • Providing a safe working environment for employees by implementing and training out all current safe working legislation.
  • Developing a culture of integrity, opportunity and mutual respect.
  • Create a platform for employees to achieve financial and career satisfaction.
  • TDX is committed to the continuous professional development and training of its employees.


  • TDX is dedicated to local charitable causes and particularly those highlighted by employees and customers of TDX.
  • Annually donations of over £2500 are made to local junior sports teams to fund new equipment.
  • Annually donations of over £1000 are made to customers undertaking challenges for charity.
  • TDX acknowledges its position in the local community its responsibility to support local causes. TDX’s policy is to give preference to charitable causes combining children and sport.



  • TDX conducts its business with the highest regard for ethics.
  • TDX aims to develop long term integrated relationships with both customers and suppliers.
  • TDX adopts a continuous improvement and cost down strategy to ensure long term benefits to our customers.