TDX has formulated Eco – Form to provide a lower cost, greener alternative to conventional APET / RPET.

Available in opaque or coloured material, Eco – Form has excellent characteristics including:

  • Ease of forming leading to higher cycle speeds

  • Ease of cutting resulting is less wear on steel rule knives

  • Improved impact resistance at low temperatures compared to standard APET/RPET

  • Softer to touch than standard APET/RPET

  • Excellent gas barrier

The inclusion of APET/PE recyclate from TDX’s closed loop recycling system means Eco – Form has a lower density than APET/ RPET. This is because LDPE (0.97g/cm3) has a lower specific gravity than PET (1.35/g/cm3).

Eco – Form offers all of the environmental benefits of using post-consumer PET with the added benefit of utilising additional post-industrial materials (APET/PE) that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Post-industrial APET/PE is a major source of landfill waste and Eco – Form helps reduce the amount of APET/PE destined for landfill.Eco – Form consists of 90% recycled material including 50% post-consumer recycled PET bottles and 40% post-industrial APET/PE from our in house closed loop system.

Eco – form is less susceptible to volatile raw material price movements since 40% of its content is derived from an in house closed loop recycling facility rather than oil based virgin PET feedstock.

All post consumer input material is ‘Super-cleaned’ using a Starlinger Viscotec Decon 50 reactor in line with EC 282/2008 legislation relating to the use of post-consumer recycled plastics intended for direct food contact. TDX has submitted a technical dossier to EFSA for approval of its ‘Super-cleaning’ process. TDX are the only UK trade supplier to have invested in ‘Super-cleaning’ technology and currently working to the highest legislative requirements.