European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

At TDX we are pleased to announce the decision by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to give an official positive opinion regarding the super-cleaning process used at our state of the art manufacturing plant in Gateshead, United Kingdom.

In a report published by EFSA its authors confirmed that the critical steps of the decontamination process that TDX uses for its post-consumer PET produces a recycled product that does “not give rise to concern for a risk to human health”, even when used with 100% rPET.

Managing Director, Mark Prinn says; “this opinion by EFSA is the result of significant investment and a lot of hard work from our exceptional team to ensure that TDX is at the forefront of legislative compliance. This should give our customers reassurance that regardless of the percentage of recycled content, our in-house super cleaning process will provide a 100% food safety guarantee and ensure their compliance with end use customer’s food safety requirements”.

The TDX in-house super cleaning technology, which is fully compliant to European regulations, and is now endorsed with a positive opinion by EFSA’s technical committee, means that TDX does not have to rely on questionable ‘functional barrier layers’ through ABA co-extrusion which sandwich non-food grade rPET material between two virgin capping layers.

Mark Prinn adds: “Our in-house system removes the undoubted risks associated with ABA functional barrier structures such as integrity of the functional layers during the thermoforming process. Unless the ‘functional barrier’ is also backed up by super cleaning of the core recycled material in the central layer it cannot be guaranteed to be food safe. Until the relevant regulatory bodies develop a testing regime to demonstrate the effectiveness of so called functional barrier layers we cannot see any alternative but to take the belt and braces approach to food safety by super cleaning our core layer. As the UK market leader in the supply of RPET sheet to the Thermoformed packaging industry it is our responsibility to lead in the area of food safety compliance”.

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