At TDX we know the importance of high quality PET sheet for Thermoforming applications, both in terms of packaging aesthetics and efficient processing.

With non-renewable resources becoming increasingly scarce the environmental impact of packaging is now a major consideration for retailers, consumers, food packers/processors and packaging manufacturers. The increased recycling of post-consumer materials back into food use applications has greatly increased the need for focus and indeed legislation to ensure the highest levels of food safety.

These three factors demand for high quality material, environmental impact and food safety are why TDX has invested heavily to develop Recoupet.

Recoupet is a 90% recycled content RPET sheet specifically formulated for the Thermoforming market. It is manufactured using the latest state of the art ‘super-cleaning’ technology to ensure compliance with latest legislation including EC 282/2008.

In 2012 TDX invested in a Viscotec Decon 50 super-cleaning reactor from Starlinger and submitted a petition to EFSA for authorisation of its recycling process. This investment will ensure that TDX’s customers enjoy peace of mind that using Recoupet will enable them to meet all legislative and food safety requirements. To date TDX are the only UK trade supplier of RPET sheet to submit an EFSA petition and not rely on a virgin capping layer for food approval.

  • The Viscotec Decon 50 pre-dries the post-consumer RPET for minimum IV drop during extrusion. This ensures that Recoupet has excellent processing and cutting properties.

  • Recoupet is manufactured using the latest super-cleaning technology and is compliant with the latest legislation for post-consumer recycled plastics in contact with food materials.

  • Recoupet does not rely on a ‘functional’ virgin capping layer for direct food approval. All Recoupet raw materials are suitable for direct food contact without a virgin ‘functional’ barrier layer.

  • Recoupet is manufactured in an ‘A’ graded BRC/IOP accredited facility to the strictest quality standards.

  • Recoupet is available with master-batch anti-block for heat-seal applications and anti-mist treatment if required.