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The Thermoforming industry is a diverse industry with a wide range of machine types and variants of the Thermoforming process.

At TDX we have extensive experience and expertise, not only in manufacturing tooling for various machines and processes, but working with the machines and processes themselves. With this understanding TDX has developed a culture of manufacturing tooling with operational performance in mind.

TDX design and manufacture tooling for all major machine types including Kiefel, Illig, TFT, Gabler and GN.

In 2006 TDX relocated its tool manufacturing facility to a dedicated 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing unit adjacent to the existing TDX building. This expansion provided the space for further investment in two high speed 3-axis CNC machining centres to complement the existing 3 and 5-axis CNC machines and specialist equipment. In 2012 further investment in TDX’s tooling business resulted in increased 5-axis CNC machining capacity and software capability.

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Case Study: Kiefel KMD Hybrid Tooling System (HTS)

A reduction in the duration of product life cycles, driven by increasing levels of retailer competition and differentiation, has resulted in the more frequent re-design of packaging components and thus demand for new tooling. The increasing frequency of new tooling has increased the commercial pressure on the Thermoforming industry to develop more cost effective tooling solutions.

Historically many Thermoforming companies laid down full form, cut and stack tools every time new products were developed. While some tooling costs could be mitigated by accommodating new products within existing cut sizes and toolsets where possible this is not always possible when existing tooling is not compatible with new products.

In 2012 TDX developed its Hybrid Tooling System (HTS) for the Kiefel KMD Speedformer and Basic range of machines. The HTS system has been developed to enable Thermoformers to reduce on-going tooling costs compared to full form, cut and stack when full new tools are required.

The HTS system requires an initial modest purchase of the HTS adaption kit. The cost of the HTS adaption kit is circa £10,000 depending on machine type and options.
Once the initial purchase of the adaption kit has been made, savings of approximately 30% will be realised on each full toolset purchased compared to that machine types alternative full KMD tool.

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